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Upcoming Events

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Conference: State-City Collaboration on Clean Energy Transformations

How can national, subnational and local governments collaborate on the clean energy transition? | May 29–30, 2019

Event: 100% Renewable Transit – Seattle and Vancouver

What can we learn from two transit authorities transitioning to 100% RE? | Nov. 28, 2018

Event: Renewable natural gas – Unlocking local government potential in B.C.

Join us on June 15 for the launch of a new collaborative research project to explore options for local government RNG production. | Jun. 15, 2018

Event: Germany’s energy transition and cities – Economic insights and good policy

With Claudia Kemfert, Head of Department of Energy, Transportation, and Environment at DIW Berlin. | Apr. 12, 2018

Event: New energy and mobility futures

A conversation with Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. | Mar. 13, 2018

Event: B.C.’s Climate Plan and the Urban Opportunity

A conversation with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy for British Columbia. | Feb. 9, 2018


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