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Conference: State-City Collaboration on Clean Energy Transformations


Globally, cities are responsible for 75 per cent of energy consumption and an equivalent share of greenhouse gas emissions. A growing number of international bodies—including the IPCC, IEA, OECD and the Global Commission on Climate and Economy—have recognized not only the pivotal role of cities, but underscored the need for stronger collaborative governance. To successfully enable the clean energy transition, shared policy and decision-making frameworks between local and senior levels of government are necessary.

The Clean Energy Ministerial, taking place May 27–29, 2019, will attract energy ministers, policy-makers and sectoral leaders from the world’s largest economies to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With this global expertise gathered in Vancouver, there is a unique opportunity to deepen knowledge on the critical role of local governments and their relationships with senior governments in accelerating the clean energy transition.

Building on international precedents, Renewable Cities will facilitate a deep dive into practical senior-local government collaboration and provide a venue to transcend traditional silos through facilitated dialogue. Over the 1.5-days, this conference will convene plenaries and breakout sessions with an emphasis on expert and peer learning.

Conference details

State-City Collaboration on Clean Energy Transformations

Date: May 29–30, 2019
Location: Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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