Our Staff


Alex Boston

Executive Director

Alex sets the strategic direction for the organization, leads the Renewable Cities team and establishes strategic relationships with partners and donors.

Leanne Sawatzky

Leanne Sawatzky

Director of Operations

Leanne supports operations, finance, human resources, revenue generation and planning for Renewable Cities, enabling smooth program implementation and a healthy organizational culture.

Portrait of Brad Doff with a suit and background in the woods

Brad Doff

Project Manager

Brad manages several key Renewable Cities projects, leveraging his many years of experience in municipal development and community sustainability to help cities meet climate and energy goals.

Headshot of Peter Whitelaw with a colourful transit landscape in the background, wearing a blue button-up dress shirt with glasses.

Peter Whitelaw

Senior Planner

Peter drives the use of community planning strategies that achieve critical carbon reduction targets while improving affordability, competitiveness and livability.

Charles Pan Headshot with a suit and a neighbourhood landscape in the background with a sidewalk, townhouses, and treeline

Charles Pan

Land Use Solutions Analyst

Charles supports quantitative and qualitative analytical activities for the Smart Growth, Smart City program to advance sustainable land use as a cornerstone to renewable, resilient and restorative cities.

Portrait of Leith Blachford wearing a black suitjacket with a white shirt in front of a colourful background animation

Leith BlachFord

Director of Communications

Leith manages our environmental communications strategy and its potential to advance climate solutions.   

Headshot of Jaida Regan in front of Lake Louise wearing a black jacket and cream hat with glasses.

Rebekah Parker

Events & Engagement Coordinator

Rebekah supports the development, delivery, and evaluation of in-person and online events for Renewable Cities’ many projects.