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Fritz Rettberg

Dr. Fritz Rettberg received a doctor’s degree in technology and innovation management at TU Dortmund University. Afterwards he joined the ie3 Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics as executive of the Competence Center for E-Mobility, Infrastructure and Power Grids. Besides other projects with a number of industrial and scientific partners he directs the main project of the Competence Center to establish and operate a comprehensive Smart Grid Technology Lab as a technology and testing platform for innovative smart grid components and their interoperability. Dr. Rettberg coordinates the competence center’s different projects in the fields of transformation of the energy system and electric mobility. He is member of the scientific advisory council of the German Federal Association for eMobility. Furthermore he was responsible for the preparation of the Masterplan Energy Transition Dortmund and is now the representative of the L.E.D. Centre for Energy Transition Dortmund. He is coordinating the Smart City project of the City of Dortmund and its partners. Together with the Chamber of Commerce of Dortmund (IHK zu Dortmund) he develops regional approaches concerning energy transition and Industry 4.0.

Twitter: @JanRettberg