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Renewable Cities

2023 year in review

As the year comes to an end, we are reflecting on our most meaningful moments and milestones from 2023. It has been a year filled with engagement, connection and insights.

Value Added Housing Hubs: What We Heard

This What We Heard report reflects the dialogue convened by SFU’s Renewable Cities to explore the potential for harnessing strategically located underutilized public land in B.C. to build housing that supports affordability, climate action, and offsite building manufacturing.

Five ways to reduce our reliance on cars and make us healthier, more connected and climate-friendly.

The recent Statistics Canada census report, released on November 30, 2022, showed that despite investments in transit and plans for walkable, transit-oriented growth, almost everyone still drives to work. To hit our B.C. 2030 emission targets, we need to shift things so that at least 30% of us walk, bike or take transit for work and to get around.