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Showcase Space

The Showcase Space was an exhibition of energy planning tools, applied research, and other innovations that was on display and open for interaction during Global Learning Forum 2017’s opening night activities.

Exhibitions included:

  • BC Sustainable Energy Association
  • C2MP Consulting Group
  • Clean Energy Canada
  • Climate Smart
  • Efficiency Capital
  • GHG Accounting Services
  • Marbles & Megawatts
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
  • Real Estate Foundation of BC
  • SFU Continuing Studies
  • Student Energy
  • Student: Eric Bing [SFU Public Policy, Charging Up: Policies to Spark Electric Vehicle Adoption in Metro Vancouver]
  • Student: Poovanna Thimmaiah [SFU School of Mechatronic System Engineering; Title of project: Putting Waste-Heat to Work: The Future of Air-Conditioning Organization name: Laboratory of Alternative Energy Conversion, SFU}
  • Student: Vinu Subashini Rajus [SFU, Light Weight Look Ahead Options: An “eco-dialogue” between the buildings; its inhabitants and designers | Authors: Vinu Subashini Rajus & Robert Woodbury, SIAT, SFU]
  • Sustainability Solutions Group
  • UBC Collaborative for Advance Landscape Planning
  • UBC Sustainability Initiative