Renewable Cities is a trusted convenor that offers dialogue, facilitation, and engagement services to clients working to increase the adoption of renewables and energy efficiency in municipalities.

We help you to generate ideas; make informed decisions; develop policies, plans, programs, or research agendas; and promote collaboration on complex or challenging urban energy issues.

Whether with external or internal stakeholders or the public, we have a successful track record of bringing diverse people and groups together on a fee-for-service basis.

Why Renewable Cities?

We believe that our dialogic approach leads to better, more informed policies and decisions and that stronger and more resilient outcomes can be achieved through diverse participation and transparency.

Based at Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver, British Columbia, Renewable Cities has a reputation as an objective and trusted convenor. Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals and is situated to draw on decades of combined experience in dialogue, deliberation, and engagement at the Centre for Dialogue.

We have successfully delivered on projects for a wide range of groups, from the Cities of Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary; to the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions; to Carbon Management Canada; to the Toronto Atmospheric Fund; to Metro Vancouver and TransLink; to various foundations and associations.


Our group provides tailored dialogue and engagement services, steps of which can include recruiting participants, designing processes, facilitation, conducting research, designing preparatory materials, and documenting and mobilizing knowledge. Some examples of past projects we have undertaken include the following:

For local and regional government:

  • Stakeholder engagement for municipal renewable energy plans
  • Public consultation on a cycling master plan
  • Public and stakeholder consultation on regional transportation policies
  • Stakeholder consultation on district energy system planning and green built environment financing

For institutions and foundations:

  • Development of research programs for provincial-scale energy policy, building energy efficiency, and low-emissions transportation
  • Development of programmatic strategies for a foundation

Future clients

Proposals from clients that are working to advance renewables and energy efficiency on the municipal scale are invited; all projects that are aligned with our mission and the values of the Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue will be considered.

Please contact Kathryn Sheps at 778-782-9622 to begin the conversation. We would be delighted to co-create a process that successfully delivers on your energy initiative!

“In an increasingly polarized world, the SFU Centre for Dialogue creates opportunities for constructive engagement and solutions-oriented outcomes.” — The Centre for Dialogue also offers a broad range of dialogue and engagement services outside of the urban energy sector, see them here.