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Kassel International Dialogue on 100% Renewable Energy

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This dialogue was co-convened with the World Future Council and deENet, as part of Germany’s annual 100% Renewable Energy Regions Congress, and hosted by the German Environment Ministry (UBA). Its purpose was: to develop an international understanding of what it means for local governments to go to 100% renewable energy; to feature the work of leading cities; and for participants from 17 countries and four continents to share their best practices.

Recognizing that legislating 100% renewable energy (RE) has broad implications, participants delved into the impacts and requirements of setting this ambitious a goal, such as: ensuring affordability, securing sustainable finance, and institutionalizing an enduring goal that lasts beyond four-year election terms. These ideas have been drafted as a set of 12 criteria as part of the Global 100%RE campaign. They continue to evolve through various engagement processes like the Kassel International Dialogue. The hope is that they will guide other cities planning to set and meet 100% renewable energy targets.

Participants wrapped up the dialogue expressing an appetite for more opportunities to cross-pollinate their ideas in addressing the challenges that are part and parcel of an energy transition. To support this, we are working with the World Future Council to facilitate future peer learning platforms, such as through webinars and online discussion groups.

Background Documents


Download the report in PDF format (released February 24, 2016).

Update (May 2017) – This project has led to the formation of the 100% RE Building Blocks: A practical toolkit for a sustainable transition to 100% Renewable Energy, which supersedes the Kassel Criteria.



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