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The City of Vancouver must be commended for courageously considering the removal of barriers to low rise rental and commercial along major arterials in low..

CleanBC Roadmap to 2030: Compelling Destination, Big Roadside Attractions & Cautionary Signs for B.C. Communities

Renewable Cities policy review: While there are some bumpy sections, B.C.’s updated climate plan includes destinations that should attract national and global attention in helping confront local and global crisis.

High Performance Outcomes for Canada’s Infrastructure

Canada’s long-term infrastructure vision should be built around ten shared, interrelated priorities that respond to social, economic and environmental challenges.


Renewable Cities provides analysis for the BC Government on setting sectoral targets for emissions reductions.

New Centre Aims to Accelerate Urban Climate Action in Metro Vancouver

A new low carbon innovation centre aimed at accelerating urban climate action is coming to Metro Vancouver.

Course Correction Needed on Zero Emission Vehicle Act

Renewable Cities’ submission on B.C.’s proposed ZEV Act regulations.

Vancouver’s Leadership: Responding to the Climate Emergency

Renewable Cities urges Vancouver City Councillors to support the Climate Emergency Action Plan.


Renewable Cities offers support and considerations for Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan.


Building complete, compact rural and urban communities in B.C. is essential for ensuring a resilient, prosperous and equitable future. Compact development reduces GHG emissions, minimizes..

Resilient Recovery: Taking Action on Housing, Seniors, Jobs & Climate

Renewable Cities makes policy recommendations for affordable, low carbon housing solutions.

2019 year in review

Thank you for joining us on our journey in 2019 as we helped accelerate the transition to renewable, resilient, restorative cities.

Event Highlights: Electrifying Personal Transportation

Watch a recording of the session Electrifying Personal Transportation – Insights from Leading Jurisdictions at the Global Grid Forum 2019


Renewable Cities supports FCM’s call for improved transit funding, along with a requirement for linking transit infrastructure to sustainable land use.

Climate Caucus Summit 2019, Vancouver, BC

EVENT UPDATE: Elected officials moved the low carbon agenda forward at the Climate Caucus Summit in Vancouver, BC.

Conference: State-City Collaboration on Clean Energy Transformations

How can national, subnational and local governments collaborate on the clean energy transition? | May 29–30, 2019

Event: 100% Renewable Transit – Seattle and Vancouver

What can we learn from two transit authorities transitioning to 100% RE? | Nov. 28, 2018

Renewable Cities to host workshop at Global Climate Action Summit

Leading local governments to discuss the implementation of 100% RE on September 14 in San Francisco.

Renewable Energy Transition Strategies: Practical Innovations for Urban Areas

SFU’s Faculty of Environment and Renewable Cities to reconvene online course beginning fall 2018.

New research project will advance renewable natural gas agenda

This initiative will help build the capacity of B.C. local governments to generate renewable natural gas.

Event: Renewable natural gas – Unlocking local government potential in B.C.

Join us on June 15 for the launch of a new collaborative research project to explore options for local government RNG production. | Jun. 15, 2018

Event: Germany’s energy transition and cities – Economic insights and good policy

With Claudia Kemfert, Head of Department of Energy, Transportation, and Environment at DIW Berlin. | Apr. 12, 2018

Event: New energy and mobility futures

A conversation with Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. | Mar. 13, 2018

New Report: Mapping Enabling Policies for Vancouver’s 100% Renewable Energy Strategy

This project engaged all three levels of government to better coordinate climate and energy policy.

Event: B.C.’s Climate Plan and the Urban Opportunity

A conversation with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy for British Columbia. | Feb. 9, 2018

2017 Year in Review

From Global Learning Forum 2017 to COP23, and everything between, see what the team accomplished.

Announcing Alex Boston as Renewable Cities’ new Executive Director

Alex is a nationally recognized and respected professional with deep expertise in community energy planning.

Forum 2017 Outcomes

320 participants from around the world came together to discuss the urban energy transition.

How Can Your City Introduce More Renewable Energy?

New SFU Faculty of Environment online course will teach renewable energy transition strategies.

Global Learning Forum 2017 Draws to a Close

Representatives from over 100 different municipalities converged to discuss the urban renewable energy transition.

Five Reasons to Get Excited About Forum 2017

From an incredible group of people, including implementers and global thinkers, to cities with vanguard targets. And more!

2016 Year in Review

100% renewable energy developments and highlights from Renewable Cities’ latest year of work.

Join us for Global Learning Forum 2017 in Vancouver, Canada

Leaders from municipalities, the private sector, NGOs, utilities, the research community, and First Nations will gather to discuss 100% RE.

Outcomes Report—North American Dialogue on 100% Renewable Energy in Cities

20 cities from across the US and Canada came together to discuss the path forward on renewable energy.

Session Report—Zero Emissions, Big Business

How can the private sector help cities deliver on the promise of the Paris Agreement?

Report—Renewable Energy Challenge at GLOBE 2016

100 policy-makers and experts gathered to develop solutions for Vancouver and New York City.

The Government of Canada and Urban Energy

Cities need supportive policies, resources, and coordination for the urban energy transition.

Announcing Global Learning Forum 2017

Urban energy leaders are invited to participate in Global Learning Forum 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Announcing Two New Dialogue Reports

These international dialogues examined how cities are thinking about the transition to 100% renewable energy.

Renewable Energy and Cities at GLOBE 2016

Join us for two events at GLOBE 2016: Zero Emissions, Big Business and the Renewable Energy Challenge.

Global Learning Forum

We’re pleased to present a number of outcome materials from our program’s launch event, the Global Learning Forum, which was held in Vancouver, BC from May 13-15…

2015 Year in Review: It Was Great!

Renewable Cities officially launched in 2015 and we’re proud of our accomplishments, locally and internationally.

Cities, Renewable Energy, and COP21 in Paris

Our team will be facilitating a dialogue with a diverse group of world cities at the UN climate talks in Paris.

Renewable Cities to participate in “The Future of Cities” in China

The annual World Future Council forum brings together leading thinkers and researchers working towards regenerative cities.

Renewable Cities Heads to Germany for the Kassel International Dialogue on 100% Renewable Energy

The purpose of this dialogue is to bring together key city staff and thinkers to develop criteria for 100% renewable cities.

Renewable Cities Launches at the Global Learning Forum

Over a year of scoping, consultations with partners, and research has fed into our program’s development.

Renewable Cities Welcomes New Executive Director, Michael Small

Michael Small is the former Canadian High Commissioner to Australia and brings decades of policy and diplomatic experience.