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Our Activities

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Research-based Dialogue

Renewable Cities - Our ActivitiesDialogue is the core of our work.

We use dialogue to promote the adoption of 100% or ambitious renewable energy targets in cities and to support the implementation of this goal in the urban electricity, heating and cooling, and transportation sectors.

Dialogue involves bringing people together to have an informed and structured discussion for the purposes of sharing information, generating ideas, making decisions, and coordinating activities.

The implementation of any urban energy target requires dialogue between multiple stakeholders, from the community to the private sector to other levels of government. Better informed and more enduring policies can be achieved through dialogue.

We convene effective dialogues by recruiting the right participants and creating and facilitating a customized process. Before the event, we draft and distribute a discussion guide to prepare the participants. Following the event, our team will create a carefully written report to capture the ideas generated from the discussion. We will also mobilize the knowledge from the dialogue for others to use. Our reports are written under a Creative Commons license and we encourage others share them.

We are also committed to demonstrating the value of dialogue and helping others to conduct it.


Renewable Cities relies on strong local and international relationships, such with our partnerships with the City of Vancouver, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, and the World Future Council. Examples of other collaborations include the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, ICLEI, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and the German Federal Environment Ministry (UBA).

Our aim is not to duplicate any existing work, but to leverage existing expertise and partner with others who share our mission to promote renewable energy in cities.

Thought Leadership


Renewable Cities contributes to thought leadership for the 100% renewable energy movement by sharing insights and connecting ideas that emerge from our dialogues and from interviews with experts and practitioners.

We do this by creating and disseminating content on our website and social media channels, writing reports, publishing op-eds, submitting ideas to policy consultation processes, and speaking at events.



Renewable Cities is a trusted convenor that offers dialogue, facilitation, and engagement services to clients working to increase the adoption of renewables and energy efficiency in municipalities. Find out how we can successfully deliver on your project.

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