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How Can Your City Introduce More Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy Transition Strategies: Practical Innovations for Urban Areas

New SFU Faculty of Environment online course will teach renewable energy transition strategies

With new technologies coming online and innovative policies, business models, and partnerships being tested in cities around the globe, opportunities for ambitious renewable energy transitions have never been more real.

The Simon Fraser University Faculty of Environment has launched a new online course called, Renewable Energy Transition Strategies: Practical Innovations for Urban Areas, which teaches the foundations for municipalities to take ambitious steps forward. Beginning in fall 2017, the course offers ten cutting edge modules on topics ranging from building energy efficiency to transportation to implementation and partnerships and more.

Renewable Cities supported the development of Renewable Energy Transition Strategies and thought leaders participating in Global Learning Forum 2017 contributed to teaching content.

Our team will be facilitating a variety of modules for the course, which has relevance for municipal leaders, researchers, and members of the private sector and civil society.

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