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Trevor Birtch

Trevor Birtch is passionate about the City of Woodstock and its future. His family has called Woodstock home for over six generations.

Trevor worked as a Financial Analyst at the County of Oxford for the past 11 years retiring from his post when he became Mayor. Trevor is no stranger to municipal government and the process; as a public servant he is equipped with the leadership ability and financial know-how necessary to get things done, and to ensure that the City of Woodstock is managed in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner. Trevor holds the Certified Municipal Officer designation from AMCTO, the most comprehensive accreditation programs in Canada for municipal leadership.

As the Mayor of the City of Woodstock, Ontario and a Councillor for the County of Oxford, he is helping to lead the municipality’s efforts to become 100% renewable energy powered by 2050.

Twitter: @TrevorBirtch