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Michael Dean

As Climate and Energy Project Coordinator for ICLEI Canada, Michael is responsible for coordinating ICLEI Canada’s work on a variety of local level mitigation and energy planning projects. Michael has been involved in the development of Community Energy Plans using GIS and mapping expertise, data collection, analysis, and research as well as through developing emissions reductions scenarios.

Michael is also involved in coordinating technical activities related to the Partners for Climate Protection program, including providing technical guidance to municipalities building emissions inventories, reviewing milestone applications, and assisting in the development of research publications and developing climate change actions planning and scenario building tools.

Michael will speak on behalf of the ICLEI World Secretariat who facilitates the ICLEI Global 100% Renewable Energy Cities and Regions Network. This community of practice brings together leading and learning cities, towns and regions that are driving the transition towards 100% Renewable Energy to facilitate peer-learning and accelerate progress.

The ICLEI Global 100%RE Cities and Regions Network is part of the multi stakeholder Global 100% Renewable Energy Campaign.