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Fernando Carou

Fernando Carou leads the net-zero Community Energy Planning (CEP) program and is also in charge of assembling the technical, business, and policy framework for the development of new low-carbon District Energy Systems (DES) in the City of Toronto.

His focus is on integrating energy and emissions planning into community and economic growth plans, deep greening of existing buildings, and net-zero development to address issues at the source for better outcomes, including climate change mitigation and adaptation (resilience to high impact events, low carbon solutions) and fostering local economic benefit.

Fernando is the past Chair of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) Energy Task Force, a founding member of the QUEST Ontario Caucus, a contributor to the CSA Technical Committee C282 on Emergency Electrical Power Supply for Buildings, and a member of the recently created CaGBC renewable energy working group for net-zero buildings.

Fernando holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto, has Sustainability training from the Harvard University Extension School, and is working towards a Diploma in Public Administration in Local Government from Western University.