Alex Boston

Executive Director

Alex has two decades of policy and planning experience focused on community climate action with unique expertise in land use and multi-criteria analysis, engagement and knowledge mobilization.

Alex has led multiple award-winning community energy plans recognized for innovative carbon modeling and mapping, implementation readiness and powerful triple bottom line analysis. His work on local, provincial and national scale projects includes: supporting the BC Ministry of Environment to generate community energy and emission inventories for all BC municipalities; developing Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ best practice guide for GHG target setting, serving as principal advisor on Climate Protection Program Renewal; advising Prime Minister Martin’s Task Force on Cities on the federal role in urban climate action; and designing community energy planning tools for Natural Resources Canada and the BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Before taking the helm at Renewable Cities, Alex ran his own consultancy for several years, led community climate and energy services for HB Lanarc and Golder Associates, and served as a senior policy advisor at the David Suzuki Foundation. He earned his MSc at Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.

Alex’s favourite urban journey is a short cut across a creek through a rainforest-riparian area on a tandem bike, racing his son to class.

“If you want creativity, cut one zero from the budget. If you want sustainability, cut two zeros!” Jaime Lerner, Curitaba Mayor 1971–75, 1979–84 and 1989–92, Bus Rapid Transit & Sustainable Land Use Innovator

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