Global Learning Forum 2017 Participants

Global Learning Forum 2017 registrants are invited to include their details, including a biography and information about their attendance, in a Directory of Participants. This Directory will be made available to Forum delegates in advance of the event.

This page draws a sample of information from currently registered delegates and includes delegate job titles and what participants would like to learn and share at Forum 2017. Over 75% of registrants choose to opt in to the Directory.

Last updated: March 19, 2017


Administrative Officer Director Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Administrator Director of Granting and Operations Managing Director
Air Quality Planner Director of Strategic Relations Mayor
Associate Professor Director, Cities & Communities MSc Student
Associate Research Professor Director, Climate and Energy Program Municipal Councillor
Branch Manager Director, Electoral Area A Policy Analyst
CEO Director, Environmental & Corporate Initiatives President
CEO Elected Member Town-1 Council Program Assistant
Chair Environmental Coordinator Program Coordinator, Water & Wastewater Technology Program, School of Trades & Technology
Chief Sustainability Officer Environmental Sustainability Manager Program Development Manager
City Councillor Executive Director Program Manager, Natural Systems and Environment
Climate & GHG Program Lead Executive Director Project Analyst
Climate Action Program Assistant Executive Director Project Leader
Climate and Environmental Sustainablity Specialist Executive Director Project Manager
Co-Founder & Convenor former Deputy Chief Resilience Officer Project Manager
Commnications and Program Management Founder and CEO Reader in Neuropsychology
Community Energy Adviser Granting Director Research Manager
Community Energy Planner Head of Innovation Management Senior Policy Advisor
Consultant Head of Sustainable Development Senior Programme Manager Climate Energy and Cities
Consultant Independent Energy Advisor Senior Project Engineer
Corporate Energy Manager Instructor Sr. Manager, Sustainability & District Energy
Councillor Lead Senior Engineeer Strategic Advisor
Councillor Manager of Environmental Initiatives Strategic Initiatives
Department Director Manager, Climate Change Program | Green Municipal Fund Student
Deputy City Manager Manager, Communications and Engagement Student
Director Manager, Corporate Engineering Services Sustainability + Engagement Team Lead
Director Manager, Environment Sustainable Electricity Engineer
Director Manager, Resource Planning Modelling Team Leader – Communities
Director Manager, Science and Policy Warden


1. Renewable energies utilization in transportation, e.g. renewable energies vehicles or vehicle fuels.2. Renewable energies utilization in households, e.g. renewable electricity generating devices in the households and their connection to micro- or macro- electricity grid. I would love to learn what other cities are working on to provide Renewable Energy options as well as to spread the word of our organization’s dedication to Renewable Energy and Sustainability.
Best Practices by Cities in renewable energy applications. I’m interested in learning more about procuring wind and solar for city facilities and residents, developing the EV market and charging infrastructure, and establishing 100% renewable city plans.
Cost effective ways to save energy and promote renewable energy generation. I’d like to understand the challenges people face in building or retrofitting buildings to energy efficiency standards well beyond what is required by building code.
How to help cities in Minnesota and our entire state advance to 100% renewable energy or carbon-neutral. Innovative ideas and projects that could be adapted to our local circumstances.
How to leverage political will towards renewables – arguments, possible hurdlers, etc. Innovative ideas in action – implementation of cutting edge programs, projects and deployment of new technologies
I would expect to learn from others about emerging policies and incentives to realize the 100% RE target, as well as to learn innovative technologies and business cases Share experiences and insights with peer organizations. Lesson learned and best practices.
I would like to learn about innovative community scale models of integrated energy planning and urban planning, as well as about how we can more fully engage the public and stakeholders on energy issues. Through a collaborative effort, I hope to gain global insight into best practices in order to more effectively implement the City of Campbell River’s community energy and emissions plan. With its engaging, participatory, solutions-focussed format, I see the Renewable Cities’ Global Learning Forum as an incredible opportunity to further develop my understanding of energy efficient and low-carbon communities and more effectively advance climate initiatives in Campbell River, BC.
What efforts exist at the community level to expand renewable energy capacity and increase public support for community scale renewable projects. What kind of support do local government staff and policy makers need to succeed in transitioning to 100% RE?
What other countries are doing with sustainability and empowerment projects What things spark innovation and entrepreneurship within renewing cities.
– Engaging stakeholders from various sectors of the community; – Developing a robust climate change / community energy plan; – Favorite programs (what worked best); – Role of civic government I’m interested in learning what new projects or policies are being considered by other agencies.  I look forward to networking and building relationships that will assist us in our mission to move the City towards 100% renewable energy.
1. Renewable energies utilization in transportation, e.g. renewable energies vehicles or vehicle fuels.2. Renewable energies utilization in households, e.g. renewable electricity generating devices in the households and their connection to micro- or macro- electricity grid. I’m looking for new ways to think about the challenges we, as organizations, cities and communities, face and the solutions we create.
all kinds of renewable energies and technologies Innovative and successful solutions to the 100% renewable energy transition, pro-active stakeholder engagement, best practices in municipal efforts on community wide 100% RE goals.
Anything I can that will help our municipality get a clearer vision of its low-carbon future. Knowledge sharing, Learning experiences, Case studies of best practices in the forum as well as the innovative initiatives in renewable energy.I’d also learn from peer to peer networking and learning about initiatives and lobbying by elected leadership.
At Global Learning Forum 2017 I hope to be able to gather valuable lessons from the leading jurisdictions around the world in implementing sustainable initiatives. I am looking forward to receiving feedback on the programs offered by our organization and determining where they can improve. Latest renewable cities updates, climate mitigation and adaptation plans as they relate to buildings, behavioural science and change making, and more.
Best practises in motivating and engaging residents, business and cities in transitioning our economy and lifestyles to a low carbon future. Learn about integration of space heating loads in 100% renewable energy systems,
Clear paths and ways that communities and organizations can effectively and productively increase their efficient use of energy and incorporate renewable energy use generation.  Examples where real results have been achieved, less talk more results. Learn from other municipalities what they are doing to address issues, policy and regulation around renewable energy including supply, efficiency and conservation.
Game changing, policy or market-solutions to scale up municipal GHG reduction efforts Learning how other local governments have approached renewable solutions in the transportation and heating sector is a top priority.
Great ideas and best practices I can apply to our city. New technology that is on the horizon for green, sustainable energy generation. What companies are doing to make the transition to green (i.e. what programs have been implemented and/or companies have they hired to help in the transition).
How best to ensure elected officials, labor, businesses and environmentalists can work together to ensure a rapid uptake of renewable energy. Policies, technologies, business models that are working to advance renewable transport and distributed energy generation
How does living in a dense urban environment impact consumer behavior as compared to a sprawling, suburban environment? Is consumer behavior more sustainable in one environment than the other? What are the desired, sustainable behaviours we should be encouraging? Projects, programs, and policies other municipalities are working on to promote and develop clean electrical energy solutions.
How to further transactive energy and community microgrids as well as discuss potential demonstration projects Share ideas with other cities pursuing 100% renewable energy about economic benefits, lessons learned, and best practices
How to reach our newly minted vision of being a Net Zero Energy City by 2040 with a tiny budget. Stories of effective community engagement; leading technology applications; policy and regulatory transformations; thoughts on challenges and opportunities; hopes and fears; how to best collaborate to accelerate change for the better.
I am eager to learn about other successful community-based green energy and energy efficient housing initiatives. Learning about new technology and funding opportunities relevant to First Nations communities is also a priority for me. I am looking for strategic partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. Strategies, models and plans for moving small and mid-sized cities and towns toward renewable energy development and 100% renewable energy procurement.
I am working with a municipality on a research project related to their intiative to use 100% renewable energy by 2050.  I’m interested in international best practices and leading examples of energy efficiency initiatives in comparable municipalities.  The goal will be to identify the opportunities and constraints to applying these programs and initiatives in Banff. Talk to people from a wide range of backgrounds about the role active travelplays amongst other forms of transport within urban environments, learn fromtheir experiences whether and if so how this role has changed in recent years(successes and draw-backs). How do different forms of active travel (e.g.cycling versus walking) interact, in particular with regard to sharing publicspaces?
I hope to gain a better understanding about renewable energy initiatives that are underway globally.  I want to know what has made them successful if they are and what have been the barriers and challenges to them, if they are not as successful. What are other cities doing to accelerate the pace of adoption in energy innovation.
I look forward to learning even more about solar technology and applications. I am interested in learning about energy-efficient and sustainable products, services, and practices for residential and commercial uses. What are the steps to achieving a 100% renewable energy transition, how can we break down the transition into tasks, policy shifts and behavioural changes that can be undertaken at all levels of government.
I want to learn some of the best practices of other municipalities in creating sustainable communities through public engagement and empowerment, creating the circular economy and building a clear vision of where we need to go for the future. What do communities need to support reaching aggressive carbon reduction goals?
I would like to learn more about how communities around the world have made the transition to renewable energy.  I would like to better understand the socio-economic factors surrounding this transition. What efforts exist at the community level to expand renewable energy capacity and increase public support for community scale renewable projects.
I’d like to learn more about what other jurisdictions are doing to address energy efficiency in existing buildings. I’d like to find out which barriers are considered most challenging, what tools are currently available and how they’re being received. I’d like meet government stakeholders at all levels, building owners, property managers and engineers. What strategies have cities and municipalities successfully used to gain public support and make measurable progress towards a larger share of the electric, thermal, and transportation sectors being powered by renewable energy? How has energy efficiency been incorporated in the goals? What barriers have municipalities and cities encountered and how are they proposing to overcome them? How can we engage EVERY city and municipality to strive for 100% renewable energy?
Ideas for programs and partnerships that increase actions and awareness in our communities.


I have done some research on low-carbon transportation in Shanghai, including renewable energy use in transportation International expertise on how different juristictions rolled-out 100% RE strategies and what policy elements are crucial for a sustainable transition.
Development of a resilience strategy for a large city I’ve run commercial building energy challenges, bulk solar purchase programs, municipal electric aggregation programs, stormwater programs, greenhouse gas inventories, and written comprehensive plans.
District Energy Lessons learned from transit investment advocacy in Metro Vancouver.
Energy Management as applied to Municipal Utilities Many years in public policy leadership as a State Senator, Public Utilities Commissioner, and Governor’s energy advisor; deep understanding of energy law and policy.
Experience with energy efficiency and renewable energy at the municipal government level. My broad ranging experience in working for an NGO, in academia, both private and public (provincial and municipal) sectors, as well as independently, provides me with a universal perspective that permits better appreciation for the challenges associated with advancing climate initiatives. Having visited over 40 countries and spent over five years outside of Canada, I consider myself a global citizen that can easily appreciate and connect with many cultures and practices from around the world at the Global Learning Forum.
I am a licensed Electrical Contractor and I have installed several Solar arrays.  I have received some formal solar training, as well as having made some valuable contacts in Kamloops within the circle of Renewable Energy and Sustainability. Our City’s experience in directing and influencing change in energy use and  demand.
I can share expertise related to community planning processes, including implementation tools that can be used to advance integrated energy and urban planning.  I can also share expertise about approaches to community engagement that meaningfully engage the public and stakeholders and draw on their knowledge to make better decisions about energy and other issues. Regional governance models, scaling up action, collective advocacy, renewable energy for low income households, building networks and partnerships
I can share my expertise on RE project development and financing, as well as policy framework development from a developing country and emerging markets in Asia. I created a new transaction structure for energy efficiency which enables the cost effective building or retrofitting of highly energy efficient buildings.
– Engagement approaches; – Planning approaches; – Approach to sustainability planning; – GHG inventory, waste characterization and environmental performance reporting My local political experience in addition to my personal commitment to reducing my greenhouse gas emissions ( from 21 tonnes of GHG from my household in 2008 to less than 3 in 2016, aiming for less than 1.5 by 2020
A structured approach to systems change, that addresses and reflects the perspectives and needs of different actors in the energy ecosystem. New and existing home and business energy efficiency, water conservation, and GHG reduction programs in BC.
about Distributed LNG and District enery system Organizational based sustainability + engagement strategies.
Corporate energy management program development and implementation – from policy and target setting, to projects and infrastructure improvements. Our city was party to an important settlement agreement with our Investor Owned Utility, and a number of renewable energy providers to achieve increases in renewable energy in our community.
Corporate greening in the retail sector. Sustainable behaviour change in consumers and culture change in the office and retail stores. Our municipality has a long history in addressing climate change, starting with joining ICLEI.  We have passed ordinances aimed at increasing energy efficiency of buildings, making thermal and PV solar systems easier to install, and helping new homes re-use graywater.  Adding to our success of our enhanced building codes we are working to require some solar on all new homes built here as well as providing easy access to EV charging infrastructure.
District energy planning and funding; energy / GHG reduction programs for business; policies for energy efficiency; staff and council engagement techniques Practical solutions to work toward a sustainable energy future.
Examples of municipal leadership, policies, projects and plans supporting climate action and community energy planning.  Opportunities for funding to support communities in these areas. Project management in a municipal government and an electric Utility.
Expertise in energy efficiency programs design and implementation; technologies supporting building systems and their performance; cost effectiveness calculations for efficiency and renewable energy approaches; renewable energy technologies, especially central, automated wood heat systems (wood pellets and chips); short and long term municipal energy plan development. Renewable Energy Generation
GHG mitigation costs and operational characteristics of renewable energy gases. I also have knowledge related to local biofuel systems. Share our experience so far in establishing and crafting a strategy around 100% renewable energy goal in our city.
How performance contracting helps advance energy efficiency by financing up to 100% of upgrade costs while transferring performance risk away from building stakeholders. I have successful case studies to share and can explain what to look for when trying to finance energy efficiency projects in existing buildings. Share our experience so far in establishing and crafting a strategy around 100% renewable energy goal in our city.
How to create a council that will work as a team to achieve big and important goals Smart metering; energy management; off-grid experience; power quality; electrical design; policy and regulatory experience; 100% renewable energy planning; baseload research; Dashboard; Net metering.
I am happy to share information about solar. I can also offer marketing and social media marketing resources and tips. Specialities in GIS and climate change adaptation.
I can share first hand information of present situation of my electorate and constituency. Sustainability and climate action program development and management. Municipal carbon and energy financing. Communication and  engagement strategies.
I can share my own experiences having been involved in campus microgrid and EV infrastructure projects. The “walkability” of a city becomes now widely acknowledged as a key indicatorfor the quality of life and well-being of its inhabitants. Yet, walkability measureslittle consider latest evidence from the cognitive neurosciences about the complexinteractions between body, brain, cognition and the sensory make-up ofenvironment that influence human well-being. I will argue that we need a trulyholistic approach to make our environments more walkable and thus healthier andsustainable.
I have done some research on low-carbon transportation in Shanghai, including renewable energy use in transportation The steps that led from a radical idea to a regional study, adoption of a community-wide 100% renewable energy targets by a small town, the return of ‘wind mills’, and a Governor adopting a 100% renewable energy goal.
I have expertise in shared mobility, climate policy, communications, and sustainable transportation advocacy. Through a two-community sustainability planning and implementation initiative… have developed a multi-pronged strategy for meeting goal targets within the plan, including community solar development.
I managed a green-tech start up that designed energy management systems and big data smart city systems for 5 years. I now assist First Nations communities as they pursue their energy efficiency goals and am passionate about the energy leadership they offer. Two researchers and I are exploring options and scenarios related to our municipality’s potentially committing to a goal of ‘100% Renewable Energy by 2050’.
I’ve had a long career with the gas utility so can share knowledge and experience gained there… My areas of expertise include relationship management, program development, community relations and communication. Urban planning and strategic management.
Lessons learned from transit investment advocacy in Metro Vancouver. Urban planning policy, development, natural systems, climate change, intermunicipal and regional planning experience.
Many years of work experience in community energy, GHG, and air quality planning; experience working with a  new tool for creating consumption-based emission inventories and carbon and ecological footprinting. Use cases for distributed platforms and community microgrids
My background includes 14 years of experience in IT, with a specialization in systems integration. We have a unique expertise in program design and delivery for the municipal sector, and an understanding of the barriers that exist to implementing sustainable initiatives specifically for Alberta municipalities. I hope to be able to share this information in a way that is useful for determining solutions to jurisdictions facing similar situations.
Zero energy buildings, community based energy efficiency efforts, electrification, electric vehicle programs  Adoption rates of technology and identifying thresholds for arrival of  disruptive technology


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